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what they don’t tell you, pt. 1.

they don’t tell you this:

one day you will wake up still drunk under a still dawn sky and you will realize right then that love smells like a smokey flannel shirt that is six sizes too big for you; and kentucky bourbon. they say it smells a little different for everyone, though, so if yours smells like an onion or a wet dog, don’t be too concerned. once you learn the smell, forget everything else you’ve ever been taught about love.

they don’t tell you that someday you will forget the last person to ever break your heart, and you will forget the sharp sound it made when it broke. they will always tell you to never look back, but they never tell you to run far from the scene of the crime, and forget which way you came.

they don’t tell you to marry someone whose kisses taste like fire and who feels like skinned knees and a clenched fist. they don’t tell you that you will spend the rest of your life not really sure if you’re in love or just a person acting out the life of someone in love. it doesn’t mean you’ve picked the wrong one. it just probably means you were always bad at multiple choice tests because every answer seemed right if you looked at the question in a slightly different way. they don’t tell you that some people, like your tattoos, are permanent, and don’t wash off over time. 

some do fade, though. 

you will forget more than you remember. if you’re lucky you will remember the parts worth remembering and you will forget things that hurt. they don’t tell you about all the nights you’ll spend trying to remember and trying to forget. they don’t tell you how many nights you will try to write things down so they make a little more sense, and they really don’t tell you that sometimes the right words will never come, and some numbers aren’t supposed to add up neatly.

one day you will find yourself attracted to the person your mother and father warned you about, and you won’t have a good reason why when your friends ask you why you love them. they spent so much time telling you to trust your instincts, didn’t they, but did they ever teach you how to listen to them?

here’s how you listen: when your heart thumps LIKE THIS it is talking loud. be still. when you stomach aches it is whispering. be quiet. take out a pen and paper, if you still have them, and write down what they say.

lists of lists, pt. 2

3 things we take with us when we go

83 dick jokes to make you laugh (or at least smile a bit)

62 places we will leave little pieces of ourselves

6 movies, books, and songs that will always remind me of you

1,355 sexts and pictures of you that i save for special occassions

2 lessons i want to learn someday

50 places to fuck before one of us dies

1 places to look for me if you ever can’t find me (if i’m not there, you can stop looking because i don’t want to be found)

8 things to remember when you’re feeling sad, vulnerable and very small

4 incredible facts about patrick swayze you probably didn’t know